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Role of Chiropractics and Physical Therapy in Auto Accidents

Recorded 5/12/2021

Dr. Brian Paris

Dr. Brian Paris from the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center knows that pain in the body can develop for many reasons. Whether it be due to injury or illness, physical pain can eventually wear on the human mind. Dealing with consistent pain can impact our way of life, relationships, work, hobbies, and more. Dr. Paris believes that every person deserves to live his or her life without struggling with daily discomfort. If you or someone you care about is dealing with pain of the musckuloskeleta system, we encourage you to contact our clinic now for more information.


It is important to note that not every doctor is the same. While most enter the field to alleviate suffering, not all doctors provide the same high standard of care. When choosing the right doctor for you, don’t hesitate to inquire about education and qualifications. Dr. Brian Paris was intrigued by body mechanics ever since playing as an all-state lacrosse player in New Jersey. He started his schooling at Emory University, then graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Kinesiological Sciences. Lastly, he earned his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University in Georgia. 


Throughout the course of his career, Dr. Paris has been relied upon to provide education to others who want to follow the same path he succeeded in. For instance, he served as President of the Chiropractic club in college, and then taught several colleagues about his techniques. Dr. Brian Paris has created many wellness programs and still consults with other practitioners to this day. He is frequently sought after as a presenter, and is well-known for his ability to teach the more complicated health concepts in a clear and understandable way.


If you are interested in scheduling an exam and consultation, now is the day to start on your path to wellness. Call the Pain & Arthritis Relief Center today to reserve your appointment with Dr. Brian Paris!

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