How to Create a Podcast for Your Business

Having a podcast to supplement your business can be an incredible way to market your company, and to connect more with the people who are already customers. Podcasts have become increasingly popular in the past decade. There are shows about niche subject matters or others that touch on a more broad variety of topics. Sometimes the podcast hosts are experts in their field, while other times they are journalists or good storytellers who do extensive research on a subject.

Come Up with a Name

The first thing you will need to do is come up with a name for your podcast. This could be as simple as your company’s name, or be something creative and catchy that might draw an audience in. 

Create a Vision

Next, you will need to figure out what the artwork for the podcast will be — it could be your company’s logo or something new you decide to make. Then, you will come up with a topic for your first podcast. It could be an introduction to yourself or your company, or it could be an informative podcast jumping right into what you want to speak about. Make sure to think outside the box and don’t limit yourself. The sky’s the limit with what you can talk about, and you never have to run out of episode ideas.

Find a Space to Create In

Recording a podcast is not difficult, but you should set yourself up for success in the beginning. Find a quiet space you can talk in, and figure out what software you are going to use to record the podcast. Some people will purchase a nice microphone, while others merely use a cell phone or laptop to record audio. It is important to have a space with little to no background noise, and a place to put your recording device where it will not get bumped or move around.

Share Your Knowledge

One big reason you might want to start a podcast is to share your knowledge about a topic. Educating others about something you know well is helpful because it can really shed light on a topic and change the world for the better. People all have different experiences, and it is amazing being able to share them with others so that they can learn from your life. Podcasts make this incredibly easy, as all you need is something to record your voice and a computer or smartphone to upload the audio to. You do not need to be extremely technologically savvy to figure out how to create audio for a podcast.

Show What Sets You Apart

Something you need to do when starting a podcast is share what makes you someone others should listen to. If you want to discuss a subject in your business, show what makes you unique or successful in your field. If you want to share more about your product, talk about what makes it better than the other options that are out there and dig deeper into why a consumer should consider it over something else. It is good to always speak some about your business and market it, but it is also smart to talk about other subject matters to keep the audience interested and tuning in on a regular basis if you decide to continue podcasting. You can find this balance as you go, and make adjustments when necessary.

Have Fun with It

Finally, the most important feature to a successful podcast is having fun while you are making it. People love to see others be passionate about their field of interest. Many of the most popular podcasts are successful because the host is passionate about what they are speaking about and good at telling a story.

Share your podcast with friends and family, and post it on all of your company’s social media pages to allow others to find it. The creativity for podcasting can be endless so don’t be afraid to interview new people, try new things, and learn as you go. Always enjoy your time while you are speaking or producing a podcast. The listeners will be able to tell by the tone of your voice, and that is a bonus for everyone!

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